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Cogmed Working Memory Training for children, adolescents and adults

...a non-medication, evidence-based cognitive training created to improve working memory.

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ADHD Myths and Misconceptions


Thomas W Phelan, PhD

Author, Psychologist, CHADD Hall of Fame

Author, 1-2-3 Magic

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

8:30PM 9:30PM Eastern



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Looking for assistance with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

Welcome to ADDvisorTM -- the site you can trust for reliable, up-to-date information and programs for individuals with ADHD, their friends and family members, and interested and involved professionals.

And, our expert help is as close as your telephone. You never have to feel alone, confused, or uninformed again.

ADDvisorTM Featured At CHADD As An Innovative Practice

From 2000-2007, seven years in a row, ADDvisor was featured at the national CHADD conference as an Innovative Practice, one of only a few programs in the country. 


Chris A. Zeigler Dendy, MS has graciously shared this article with us. It was adapted from an article she published in CHADD's Attention Magazine in February, 2008.

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Education about ADHD is the second most important thing for parents to do in helping their children and teens with ADHD. Education about ADHD is as important for adults as it is for parents. Arrange for a customized ADDvisor for Parents of Children and Teens  with ADHD workshop or ADDvisor for adults with ADHD workshop for your support group or professional organization.


Please note that teleconference workshops and coaching are not substitutes for psychotherapy.  Clients who need individual or group psychotherapy for themselves and/or their children are encouraged to pursue this with the qualified expert of their choice. 


To request more information about our programs or coaching services, contact:

bullet Bill at 1-614-888-2343
bullet Alan at 1-847-824-1235

Or you can email Alan Graham at or Bill Benninger at We will give you the information you request.




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